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Just Relax, Breath & Nod Your Head

INSTRUMENTAL HOP RADIO is a unique Online Radio Station that takes an innovative approach to provide a relaxing and holistically rejuvenating experience that will leave you with a Pleasant plus Grounded feeling. We are the first of our type which is a radio station dedicated to playing only Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop Music. A lot similar to the Beautiful Music Radio Stations of old but this time the music being played is to a Beat and just like the Beautiful Music Radio Stations of old, the music will both relax plus uplift you. Let us help you bring more life into your day and night by playing INSTRUMENTAL HOP RADIO in the background.


Our Story

Founded in 2019, we have a passion for listening to '70s inspired Beautiful (Elevator) Music and Instrumental Hip Hop. This led us to realize that there was an underground scene of Hip Hop Producers combining the 2 genres. We instantly became diehard fans of Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop Music and decided to test if others would like this music by playing it at our jobs. Not only was the reception from our coworkers and customers positive but also the overall work environment changed for the better. The environment became more Inspired, Focused, Happy, and Lively. After realizing that other Instrumental Hip Hop stations play a variety of Hip Hop styles, with Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop being the least, We took it upon ourselves to create our own station that only plays Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop Music. This is when INSTRUMENTAL HOP RADIO was born and now everyone can experience the Beauty, INSTRUMENTAL HOP, Beauty.


Our Music Flow-Grams (Programs)

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Radiant Beauty

Plays Between 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM

At this part of the morning and day, we play Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop that is Uplifting and Upbeat. The Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop played during this time is more Soul, Samba, Big Band, and Synth Music, Inspired.

Abstract Beauty

Plays Between 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM

At this part of the evening and night, we play Beautiful Instrument Hip Hop that is Relaxing. The Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop played during this time is more Jazz, Soul, and Boom Bap Hip Hop, Inspired.


“Music Gives A Soul To The Universe, Wings To The Mind, Flight To The Imagination, 
And Life To Everything.”




So We Can Keep Playing The Best Beautiful Instrumental Hip Hop In The World, Make A Contribution To INSTRUMENTAL HOP RADIO. Thank You, We Really Appreciate It.


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